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Founded in 1995. Specializing in color printing, printing packaging materials, magazines, and colored books. We offer the highest quality & raw materials at the lowest market prices. Our clients include major Egyptian & international companies in all fields.

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- Saadany Printing Press, founded in 1995, specializes in color printing and printing of packaging materials, magazines and color books. We offer our services with the highest quality and materials at the lowest price ever in the market. Our mission is to provide creative and innovative printing solutions for your company or product in a way that satisfies the tastes of your customers and gives you a competitive advantage, Saadany Press is a leading company in the field of printing and packaging materials. We aim to continue providing distinctive products and services with a unique character to our customers so that it saves the customer time and effort and provide the best solutions. Saadany Press has the ability to provide all printing products and print packaging in all quantities and in the shortest possible time.
- Our previous work: major Egyptian and international companies in various fields.
- Faragallah Group of Companies
- Ocean Foods Group of Companies
- River Foods Group of Companies
- Pharco group of pharmaceutical companies
- Medizen group of medicines
- Sama For Detergent Factory
- ADCO For Detergents Company
- Hygint Pharmaceutical Co
- Canon global clothing company
- Elhelal For Spinning and Weaving Company
- Future Language Schools
- Future International Schools
- European School of Alexandria
- Golden Language Schools

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