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Sama El Maadi Security & Environmental Affairs

16 El Araes Bldgs., New Maadi, Maadi, Cairo


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Over 20 years of experience, Sama El Maadi Security, Guarding, Monitoring Systems and Environmental Affairs works in the field of securing vital institutions, public and private departments, conferences, exhibitions and concerts. Also providing the necessary cleaning services for said establishments. Managing residential complexes including hiring retired armed and police force individuals and civilians with outstanding competencies.

Business Description

• Found the department for security, guarding, and environmental affairs dates back to more than 20 years, precisely in September, 1997 according to the Security Firm Law 86/2015. Since then, we have been working hard in the field of securing vital locations, public and private sites including companies, major factories, real estate, residential properties, schools and hospitals. Supervisors include former officers of the armed and police forces with outstanding civil expertise to carry out periodic follow-up and inspection of security and cleaning personnel. 
• Operating rooms working 24/7 for continuous follow-up and organization to ensure proper workflow. We carefully select our employees, verify their identities, retain criminal checks, and conduct periodic and ongoing investigations on employees to ensure a fine selection for security and cleaning works. 
• Our personnel perform their jobs efficiently to achieve full discipline and highest safety for customers as well as their families and properties. Individuals undergo a 21-day security training course. Security monitors are trained to use licensed weapons, batons, metal detectors, weapons and explosives, metal detection gates, cameras, and luggage X-ray devices. 
• in addition to training cleaning personnel on the basic equipment for cleaning and disinfecting sites for companies and factories. Providing security advice to factories and companies.  

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