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Sanabel Co. For Plastic

5 El Orouba St., Off 10th Of Ramadan St., Qalyub, Kaliobeya In Front Of Qalioub Fever Hospital



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Sanabel Plastic is an Egyptian company established in 1983 with vast experience in producing and printing plastic bottles of all kinds, blow and injection. Blow from 1 to 225 L (barrels, jerry cans, jars and bottles). Injection Buckets from 1 to 5 L, and buckets from 9 to 20 L.

Business Description

• About us
- Sanabel Plastics is one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian market with a vast experience of 40 years in manufacturing and printing all plastic packages both blow and injection.
- Our factory is located in Badr Industrial City on an area of 10500 sqm.
- Sanabel Plastics has 3 main production lines: blow, injection and printing with 65 high-tech machines.
• Blow:
- Producing containers from 50 to 220L suitable for food use and export.
- Jerry cans from 1 to 20L, with silkscreen printing.
- Jars from ¼ to 1kg.
- The best types of polyethylene raw materials.
• Injection:
- Producing bottles in 9 to 20L capacities.
- Buckets in 1 to 5L capacities.
- The best types of polypropylene materials.
• Printing:
- Silkscreen and IML printing on pails
- Our products conform to international quality according to European standards with the best prices and fastest time to meet customer needs.
- In Sanabel Plastics, pure materials are used in manufacturing, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, ensuring our products are safe for food, mineral oils, chemicals, and paints.
- Sanabel Plastics supplies several multinational and local companies.
- We are determined to meet customer needs with the best quality and competitive prices, while maintaining business ethics and credit capacity. 

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