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1 El Sheikh Edris St., El sharabeya, Cairo



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Selcoplast Cables - The Flexible Cable Company. Selcoplast Cables is an independent manufacturer of electrical copper conductors, stranded, multiconductors and flexible control cables, PVC insulated, sheathed. Our Products, Automotive Cables, Control Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Bare Copper Conductors, Rubber Cables, Multi Core Cables

Business Description

- Depending upon the actual cable type, conductors may be of stranded or solid copper. Smaller sizes are circular in profile; large conductors are shaped or tightly compacted to reduce their physical size. This compacting sometimes entails a change in the number and size of wires and therefore
conductors are generally categorized by their nominal cross sectional area rather than by their stranding configuration.
- Insulation:
- In Accordance with this technical guide, cables, are insulated with PVC (poly vinylchloride).
- PVC:
- Is a clean, easy to handle material with good electrical characteristics and resistance to water, oils and chemicals, together with inherent toughness and flexibility over a wide temperature range. PVC cables are easy to handle, joint and terminate and have an outstanding record of trouble free service.
- High temp. Rating : 60 o C,75 o C, 90 o C, 105 o C.
- Low temp. Rating : - 10 o to -55 o C.
- Flame - retardancy : Good to excellent
- Oil resistant rating : 60 o C, 75 o C,.
- Flexibility : Semi-rigid - to very flexible
- Density : 1.4
- Assembly:
- Components : conductors, pairs, triads.
- Types : concentric, bunched, grouped.
- Lays : unilay, equilay, reverse lay
- Cable Identification:
- Alphanumeric : Words & numbers identification.
- Colors: up to 20 distinct color.

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