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Smart Automation For Automatic System

Ring Rd., El marg, Cairo Moassaset El Zakah Exit - Ceramic Market Entrance

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Pioneers in the field of automatic doors, manual and automated roller shutters, barriers, security systems, photocell, glass and rotary door machines, Cretal and forged iron works, hinged and sliding door motors, bumpers and automotive barriers. Working to develop and innovate manufacturing and production while offering the highest quality, lowest price and longest warranty period to suit all styles, façades, and projects.

Business Description

- Rolling shutter automatic doors.
- Sheet doors to protect garages, shops and factories.
- Perforated and designed slats doors for commercial stores and banks.
- No sound and noise during closing and opening.
- Electrostatic thermal paint at the highest level, making it anti-sun, fire, water and washable.
- Lifting doors, roller shutter motors (Italian, German, American and French) .
- Works with a switch or remote control.
- A sensor can be added. 
- Manual opening when the power is cut off.
- Rolling shutter and garage doors.
- Aluminum slide doors.
- Sheet doors.
- Polycarbonate doors.
- Photocell, glass and rotary door machines.
- Suitable for hospitals, malls, shops, and major establishments entrances.
- Works automatically when approached.
- Sensitive to not collide with passing objects.
- Opening and closing speed control.
- Manual opening when the power is cut off.
- Machines are (German - Swiss - Italian) .
- Articulated Photocell machines.
- Rolling shutters:
(Zinconium - Safety - Insulator - Aluminum Strips) .
Protect from wind, sun and noise, the aluminum rolling shutter is the perfect alternative to regular wood shutters.
- Advantages:
- Effective protection against the elements.
- Thermal insulation.
- Sunlight control.
- One-touch remote control.
- Long life.
- Cretal and ferforge iron works:
- Skillfully executing ironwork works, because we have the right place, equipment, the skill of the distinguished blacksmith and the implementation of the drawing in the required size and everything that includes gates, fences or decoration works in our own factories.
- Hinged door motors:
- Italian and French motors, consisting of 2 electric arms, one arm for each leaf that opens automatically.
- Includes a sensor.
- Indicator lamp.
- Manual opening when the power is cut off.
- Weatherproof.
- Opens from 300 to 1000 kg per leaf.

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