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Block 88, 3rd Industrial Zone A5, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Beside Tholatheya For Industries Co.


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Softtex For Printing and Sanitary products is specialized in industry and trade. Our products are mainly PE film, lamination films, non-woven fabrics and perforated films. These products are raw materials for baby diapers, female sanitary napkins, disposable baby diapers, medical mattresses and pet mats. Specialized in the production of raw materials for 8 years. Our own factory was established in 2015.

Business Description

- Softtex for Printing and Packaging has more than 15 years of experience in the Egyptian and international market in preparing promotional and marketing offers such as filling and packaging all kinds of consumer goods for the benefit of the largest companies and hypermarkets of the highest quality.
- We aim to provide marketing services to customers with the highest rates of quality and the lowest prices and in record time in order to keep pace with the Egyptian market as well as the Arab and European markets with a clear road map and steady steps towards moving forward and providing comprehensive service with the implementation of offers from A to Z, with the highest quality and efficiency depending on the best materials used from PLC - PVC - POF as fast as possible.
- The factory area is about 5000 square meters. We provide all packaging materials such as (polypropylene - vacuum - stretch - PVC - polyolefin - polyethylene). We rely on great experience in dealing with major international companies, and provide suitable storage spaces, which provides ease of unloading and loading of the goods before and after operation.
- We are committed to implementing all corporate requirements in order to prepare the agreed promotions.
- We use the latest equipment and production lines.
- The workforce is trained, highly qualified, which distinguishes us with many advantages that qualify us to serve our customers in a satisfactory manner.
- We are honored to serve you anytime and anywhere.

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