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Steady For Cooling Towers Industry & Maintenance

5 44 St., 1St District, Obour city, Kaliobeya In Front Of El Obour Sporting Club

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STEADY a leading specialized in supplying cooling towers & Evaporative condensers solutions, according intl. requirements, we supply spare parts for USA, EU and Asia origin cooling towers and evaporative condensers, an importer for fill & drift eliminator from the most experienced Italy and Germany origin suppliers.

Business Description

- A global company working in the field of providing cooling towers and fans services for all industries and facilities.
- STEADY provide manufacturing, maintenance and implementing services at a competitive and fair price for cross flow & counter flow cooling towers . 
Our services: 
1- New Complete Cooling Tower (catalog selected items - custom sizes):
- The modular cooling tower system can be expanded and customized, the factory-assembled units are primarily used for smaller projects, from which the customer enjoys significant cost advantages, the larger the project and the more energy efficiency is required, our engineers make custom modifications to meet your special requirements. 
2- Spare parts and full repair:
- STEADY provides a wide range of cooling tower parts and services to enable the reliable operation of your cooling towers. We work with the world's leading spare parts manufacturers to provide high quality cooling tower maintenance supplies compatible with original design parts. We provide comprehensive reform and overhaul for cooling towers, increasing their thermal capabilities. Providing specialized skilled labor, means of occupational safety and health, scaffolding and various materials, such as:
- Replacing the cooling tower body panels (stainless steel - galvanized sheet - fiberglass). 
- Tower fills (PVC - PP - ceramic - PE).
- Various drift eliminator units and incoming air director .
- Fan blades and various sprays.
- Speed reducers with drums or gears.
- Belts and electric motors.
- Repaint according to specialized standards and procedures.
- Insulation and uncrackable and non-drying seals.
3- Ventilation fans and industrial fans
- Our company provides all the mentioned services in addition to providing the best types of fans in the world (industrial - facilities - fire - air pressure during fires - fans of cooling towers - high suspensions flow fans - material transport fans... etc.). We measure, test, maintain and balance all the mentioned types with accurate devices.

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