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172 El Guish Rd., Sidi gaber, Alexandria



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A general contracting and electromechanical company specialized in the establishment of factories, especially fodder (poultry, cattle, fish), additives, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, bags, plastic, cosmetics, pasta, packaging and packing in terms of design, manufacturing, supply, installation, operating, training and maintenance.

Business Description

• Services:
- Establishing feed, chemical and veterinary medicine factories.
- Complete designs and blueprints.
- Manufacturing handling equipment including  conveyor belts, manual and automatic gates, and packing machines.
- The best raw materials and latest metal processing and forming equipment.
- Supplying feed factory equipment including crushers, mixers, pistons, coolers and crusher sieves, from abroad, as we are exclusive agents of HEXIE GROUP.
- All factory installations by a team of the best engineers and technicians.
- Designing and manufacturing electrical control panels and SCADA operation programs; a system that fully and simply manages the production process, as it works in Arabic and shows the actual production status in terms of operation, suspension, malfunctions and repair procedures.
- Training engineers and technicians on operating programs and equipment.
- All types of standard and periodic maintenance.
- Designing factories, layouts and flow diagram for the production process, and selecting the appropriate equipment for the required production capacity.
- Constructing and installing steel structures.
- Supplying and installing various factory equipment and spare parts.
- Designing, manufacturing, implementing and installing handling equipment.
- Designing and implementing PLC panels and establishing SCAD control programs to manage the production process.
- Installing and operating pre-designed factories.
- Supplying imported equipment for fodder, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and packaging factories.

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