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Takamol accounting office is your tax advisor No. 1 in Egypt. A team of highly qualified consultants. We provide pre-incorporation services (feasibility studies, preparing financial and administrative regulations), incorporation services (making amendments and mergers, changing the legal form of the company, dividing, mergers and liquidation of companies), and post-incorporation services (reviewing and approving investment funds). Experienced in ending tax evasion disputes.

Business Description

Pre-establishment services:
- Feasibility studies and financial planning.
- Preparing the financial and administrative regulations.
- Preparing estimated budgets.
- Choosing the appropriate legal entity for the investor.
- Preparing the appropriate tax planning for the activity and the company.
Establishment services:
- Establishment and modification of companies
- Establishing companies according to laws (17 of 1999 - 159 of 1981 - 72 of 2017).
- Making amendments, mergers and changing the legal form of the company.
- Division, merger and liquidation of companies.
- Industrial licenses and records
- Extracting industrial records and licenses.
- Making environmental approvals and technical files.
Post-establishment services:
- Setting up an internal review and control system.
- Preparing a documentary cycle and financial and administrative regulations.
- External audit work.
- Reviewing and approving investment funds.
Tax services:
- Preparing and approving annual income tax returns.
- Preparing monthly value-added declarations.
- Preparing discount and collection form 41 quarterly.
- Preparing the quarterly salary tax returns and the annual settlement.
- Preparing declarations for tax examination services and ending tax disputes.
- Ending disputes against tax evasion, appeal committees, internal committees, dispute resolution and experts.
- Consulting Services
- Tax advice and local and international transactions that have a tax impact.
- Financial advice and financial analysis.
- Review legal contracts and engagements that have a tax impact.
Other procedural services:
- Trademark registration.
- Registration of industrial models.
- Issuance of import and export card and needs card.
- Registering companies in the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building and raising the prescribed categories.
Electronic Invoice Services:
- Completing the stamping and electronic signature procedures.
- Completing the self-registration procedures on the portal.
- Preparing the coding termination of goods and services.
- Training on issuing invoice and electronic receipt.

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Yasser Fathi

من افضل مكاتب المحاسبة فى مصر ..وتعاونا معهم فى تأسيس شركات داخل مصر لاكثر من مستثمر سعودى

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