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, Central Spine, New damietta, Damietta In Front Of El Markaz El Islamy - Behind Koleyet El Tarbeya

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Specializing in modern, acrylic,Polylac Kitchen, waterproof, Italian, American, oak, HPL and open kitchens, in addition to kitchen accessories, Blum, Italian and German hinges. The best and cheapest kitchens in New Damietta

Business Description

Leaders in the field of designing and implementing home furniture, especially modern kitchens. Relying on the highest scientific expertise in the field of design, and the best technical competencies in implementation to ensure customers get distinct services, unique designs and a product that holds the highest levels of quality, efficiency, safety and security.
Our headquarters is located in Banha with branches in New Damietta; the furniture industry hub in Egypt, and in El Mahala El Kobra.
• Advantages:

- Designers and manufacturers specialized in interior design and furniture in addition to a group of design consultants and academics.
Producing a large number of modern and distinct kitchen unit designs including fixed and hanging bathroom units, dressing rooms and bespoke custom-made furniture for hotels, restaurants and other public sites.
• Mission:

- Designing, producing and providing high quality kitchen storage units, exclusive designs and reasonable prices through our direct retail outlets. Great customer and aftersales services.

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