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Treatment For Industry , Contracting & Metal Working & Electrostatic Painting

Plot 19, 2nd Service Spine, 1st Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza Near To Alex Bank



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More than 25 years in the field of electrostatic paints for all types of metals – metalworking - all iron and verforge works – fences – gates - handrails - metal structures and buildings - caravan manufacturing - iron stands manufacturing -hotels and tourist villages metalworking. Manufacturing electrical boxes - garden fences – awnings - metal umbrellas Your product quality will match your requirements.

Business Description

- More than 25 years of experience. We do electrostatic paint works for metal paint. A section equipped with chemical treatment basins for washing, ovens for large sizes, German spray guns, paint, and good packaging for artifacts with any required quantities. Speed in production - the quality of your product will be in accordance with your requirements.
- Metal coloring, electrostatic paints and special equipment for all facilities that need these works (factories - hotels - schools - villas - commercial malls - restaurants - hospitals - universities and others).
- Services:
- Wire shelves fabrication and coating (Stove shelves - pot holders - refrigerator shelves)
- Manufacturing and painting stands for laboratories, factories, companies and supermarkets.
- Painting car parts, car motor base, ambulance ramp and the parts of the tuk-tuk.
- Previous work:
- El-Teriak Factories
- Goldi
- Universal
- White Point EL-ABD
- Union Air
- Power Service
- Al Fajr For Stove Manufacturing
- Top Gas for Stoves Manufacturing
- Mega Home Appliances Company
- ATA Company for the manufacture of fans and home appliances
- Previous contracting work:
- Implemented at the Urban Communities Authority. 6th of October, October Gardens and others.
- Raising architectural facilities efficiency in the integrated metal and architectural part of the Urban Communities Authority.
- Carrying out integrated contracting works from constructing metal structures and buildings, manufacturing caravans for projects, metalworking from manufacturing blacksmithing, verforge, metal garden fences, iron gates and handrails with the strongest protection factor with zinc-rich primer powder, aluminum works, kitchens, doors and windows.
- Providing hotels and tourist villages with metal furniture
- Manufacturing awnings and metal awnings
- Manufacturing and painting:
- Electrical boxes.
- Electrical room cabins.
- Baskets and metal trash cans
- Storage cupboards in sports clubs and medical laboratories.
- Chandeliers
- Packaging boxes and batteries.
- Sterilization doors.
- Metal sign boards.
- Dental and medical laboratories.
- Metal fittings for facilities (roads - bridges - integrated buildings - railways...)

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