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True Tech For Grass , Landscaping & Artificial Planting

Port Said St., El mousky, Cairo Below Infantry Stairs



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Leaders in artificial turf, artificial plants, basins and green walls since its establishment in 1994. Fast delivery and guaranteed quality with a real guarantee on all its works. We offer our full services at the best prices with the best possible results.

Business Description

- An Egyptian company headquartered in Port Said Street, El Mosky, Cairo, established in 1994. 
- Vision: 
- Leadership in supplying and installing artificial turf, artificial planting, basins and walls (green wall) in Egypt. 
- Quality Policy: 
- Supply and installation by highly trained cadres and technicians using modern technologies and providing the best types of artificial turf, best services, fast delivery, quality, and the best price with the best possible result. 
- Services: 
- Supplying and installing artificial turf for sports stadiums. 
- Supplying and installing artificial grass for green areas. 
- Beautifying squares with artificial grass with the installation of aesthetic models. 
- Supplying gardens with indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. 
- Installation of walls (green wall) of all sizes and different colors. 
- Equipping villas, new cities, compounds, gardens, parks, roads, nurseries, and hotels. 
- Designing artificial turf according to international specifications giving the look and feel of natural grass. 
- Previous work: 
- Amer Group 
- Ahmed El-Sallab 
- Abdul Aziz Al-Sallab 
- Mazloum 
- Nile Real Estate Company. 
- Memaar Al-Morshedy. 
- El-Mansour Real Estate. 
- Studio Misr restaurants, Halaqet El-Samak, Mama and Chills. 
- Nile City boat in Zamalek. 
- Features: 
- Low cost. 
- Flexibility, ease and speed of installation. 
- Resistance to weather factors. 
- Does not require care and cutting. 
- Significantly lower maintenance cost. 
- Conserves water resources. 
- Using it several times so that it is moved and installed from one site to another. 
- Installing it on various floors. 
- Characterized by its resistance to weather factors with no change in its color and no hairs being pulled out from its roots (note that the lifespan of this grass is 15-20 years and may increase or decrease according to use and the type of surface, playgrounds or gardens. It decreases in playgrounds and increases in gardens). 

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