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United Co. For Plastic Industries

Plot 19, Block 20014, 1st Industrial Zone, Western Extension, Obour city, Kaliobeya In Front Of High Light For Advertising Company



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Business Description

- One of the largest companies in the Middle East region leading in the industry:
- All kinds of plastic yarns from raw materials of first grade 100% polyethylene and 100% polypropylene of various thicknesses.
- Shading and protection nets of all kinds, colors and different ratios to provide the appropriate environment for cultivations.
- The factory produces filter mesh that is used as a filter for depth pumps of different widths.
- All kinds of greenhouses.
- Providing better products to our customers, who represent the most important factor for the continuity of the company and who are at the forefront of work concerns on the company's future vision and work to always provide the best and build a bridge of credibility between us and them.
- Our main goal is to reach the highest quality standards in the market at reasonable prices in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in the long term.
- Our clients are our capital.
- We also have international dealings, so we welcome export orders at any time.

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