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Corporate Social Responsibility
We, at Yellow Media, are very proud of our company, all of us relentlessly seeking to improve our products and services. while our familiar logo of the walking Fingers has gone around the world keeping us abreast of all the latest in media technology we have never overlooked the human factor, and show our involvement by contributing regularly to our favorite charities and by sponsoring a number of worthy causes. In our opinion, another facet of giving back to the community is taking the "green approach" because we feel that being green is all about keeping a safe environment for

Supporting Local Charities

It is our belief that a financially successful organization has a moral debt to the people of the community, they are the ones who made its' success possible, and that sharing a part of the bounty is not only an obligation but a show of gratitude. We do our part by contributing monthly to CCHE (Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt) and a contribution of over LE 250K worth of advertising every year to other local charities.

Eco-Friendly Company

We may be Yellow but we are also very Green therefore we are aware of the heavy environmental cost incurred by printing. To lessen that effect and to keep our carbon footsteps as light as possible we went the eco- friendly way. We strive to stay green and clean by using only environmentally sound materials and practices, by reducing our waste to near zero levels, by recycling paper and old phone books through Resala and by using environment-friendly paper and soy-based ink in the printing of our reduced size directories.

Community Engagement

We are deeply involved in Egypt’s future and eager to contribute to any effort made to set the country on the right path. As recognition to our contribution of free promotion of their website 3shanek ya Masr (Just for You Egypt) the biggest think tank in Egypt and the Middle East, has honored us with a platinum sponsorship. The independent and non-profit website was launched by a group of Egyptians engineers and entrepreneurs bringing their expertise to the Egyptians by suggesting solutions in solving the problems that physically plague the country (pollution, traffic, unemployment). The application of these solutions aimed at job creation would create work opportunities for Egyptians, some who were forced to seek employment abroad, to earn a decent living and to join forces in reaching the ultimate goal of making their Home Land, better, stronger and safer.