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24 El Sarayat St., Abbasseya, Cairo In front Of Italian Hospital


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Established in 2006 and works in water treatment and desalination. The company supplies and installs water treatment units for dialysis, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, paint factories, rotogravure, water treatment of wells for drinking, agriculture, animal and poultry production, and all kinds of media from sand, carbon charcoal, resin, membranes, candles and RO - DI - UV appliances.

Business Description

Aqua Fine is a company specialized in supplying and installing water treatment systems in the following fields:
- Hemodialysis units, medical laboratories and hospitals.
- Pharmaceutical companies.
- Drinking and subsistence purposes for homes, villas and tourist villages.
- Well water treatment.
- Food industries.
- Printing, packaging and rotogravure.
- Bottled water, juices and soft drinks.
- The industries of mirrors, electric paint, car paints, metal industries, industrial detergents, paints and polymer industries.
- Cosmetics.
- Supplying water treatment chemicals for boilers and cooling circuits.
- Supply of membranes and media filters sand, carbon and resin for softener, DI, perm, green sand and sand filters.
- Supplying RO-DI and softener units and removing iron salts.
- Supplying all types of horizontal and vertical pumps, chemical injection pumps and high pressure pumps.
- Supplying all kinds of filter cartridges.
- Supplying UV and ozone sterilization devices.

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