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One of the largest companies in Middle East. Leading producer of net and protection shades of all types, colors and ratios to offer the optimum atmosphere for plants including fruits, vegetables and decorative plants. Super net networks for covering all types, colors and sizes of trees. well network filters and soil drying networks for sewage disposal projects. Exporting all plant sacks and all types of greenhouses.

Business Description

- One of the largest industry leaders in the Middle East.
• Shading and protection nets of all kinds, colors and sizes to provide the appropriate environment for crops (vegetables - fruits - ornamental).
• Grille filters for artesian wells and soil drying grids for sanitation projects.
• Super Net tree covering of all kinds, colors and sizes.
• Crop packing net.
• Cold and insect proof nets.
• All kinds of greenhouses.
- A reputable company among agricultural investors, as we did not lose a single customer. Our customers are increasing everyday due to our high quality products, competitive prices, credibility and commitment to delivery dates.
- Al Amir is ISO 9001:2008 certified, thanks to our leadership in producing and manufacturing high quality shading and protection nets, conforming with international standards.
- Al Amir has also earned an excellent reputation in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.
- Introducing a variety of shading and protection nets in all stages of production to reach strict quality control  and achieve the highest possible quality. The nets are subject to specialized laboratory tests in the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry conforming to international quality standards.
- Al Amir grille is the effective solution to create an appropriate climate for nurseries and crops. It allows light to pass and spread according to various shades and colors that suit different crops, which in turn increases production by controlling growth characteristics including leaf size, branch length, and flowering date.
- Protection nets also limit accessibility of whiteflies, thrips, moths, and other insects and viruses. Other methods are being developed to limit viruses and insects.
- Our nets are the strongest shading and protection nets in Egypt.

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