Technical Center For Engineering Industries For All Springs & Metal Works

Plot 148/150, Makhazen El Shabab, Area Of 300 Meters, Extension Of 6th Industrial Zone, 6th of october, Giza



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Manufacturing all kinds of mechanical springs and metal shaping. The latest machinery for producing high quality springs of all sizes from 0.2 to 36 mm. Vast experience since 1987, previous work with various authorities, including the Arab Organization for Manufacturing, the Egyptian Underground Company (Metro) and the General Petroleum Corporation, as well as other public and private companies.

Business Description

- The Technical Center for Engineering Industries, with experience since 1987. We seek to create new capabilities in our institutions and to invest and educate all members of the company's family. Specialized in supplying all services for the mechanical spring industry. The company uses advanced technology and machines in the manufacture of mechanical springs. The whole process is under the supervision of high-level specialists. This includes maintenance engineers, machinery manufacturing, and specialized labor. We specialize in manufacturing all types of springs (metal, helical, and mechanical), zambalkat, springs, metalworking and metal turning of mechanical springs.
- We manufacture all kinds of different sizes of springs, starting from 0.2 mm to 36 mm, with Egyptian hands. It is a key safety component of any end product, especially under extreme loading conditions. We have allocated all our resources to ensure that our mechanical spring products not only meet the normal safety requirements, but also extend to providing the highest levels of safety under extreme loading conditions. We use the latest machines for the manufacture of mechanical springs and zambalkat using advanced methods. All for the satisfaction of our customers and the partnerships which is built with them that has resulted in being considered by them as a dependable innovative supplier and results-focused business partner.
- Our previous work:
- Since the establishment of the factory, we dealt with major entities, both private and public, including:
- Arab Organization for Industrialization
- El Sewedy Cables
- Subway Authority
- West Bakr Petroleum Company
- Egyptian Drilling Company
- And many other public and private companies
- We are continually striving to improve customer satisfaction.
- We focus on planning and coordinating our departments and labor to anticipate and address potential challenges in clients' projects, by encouraging a collaborative relationship with clients. We are able to provide the best possible support to each client.

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