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Brothers Company For Furniture Manufacturing - Btata Sons

11 Mohamed Badawy Khalil St., Industrial Zone, El sharabeya, Cairo

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Founded in 2002. Offering a wide range of integrated home furniture solutions that meet the needs of homes, universities, and hotels. We strive to understand customer needs and provide them with distinguished solutions and products that meet those needs.

Business Description

- Brothers (Batata Sons) for the manufacture of furniture, a leading company in the field of manufacturing modern home furniture and furniture of all kinds. Whether you are looking for ready-made pieces, or specially designed furniture for your home, office or kitchen, we are ready to serve your needs of the finest types of wood.
- Including: 
- Bedrooms - children's bedrooms - dining rooms - living rooms - sofas - corner of all shapes - cupboards, and wooden products like kitchens and university furnishing.
- Established in 2002 and has developed into one of the largest factories in the Middle East. We have experts from engineers and carpenters who contribute with their creative, technical and skill capabilities to manufacture a product with the highest accuracy and efficiency. We have a passion and mission to revolutionize the furniture industry. We aim to lead the market with these unique modern pieces. Prepare to be dazzled!
- Our factory is equipped with the latest advanced Italian and German machines: 
- (Italian Pesa CNC Router) .
- (German CNC Holzher Router).
- (7 phase German Holzher Tape).
- We use the best materials of wood and luxurious fabrics
- We are distinguished by speed in performance, accuracy in implementation and commitment to delivery dates.
- Our prices are unbeatable.
- Product implementation according to the industry assets in a manner that satisfies the customer.
- Success Partners:
- Abdul Rahim Amr Group of Companies.
- Omar Effendi Group of Companies.
- Assiut University. 
- Our branches:
- Factory: 11 Mohamed Badawy Khalil St. - Industrial Zone - Sharabiya
Factory number: 0127428883 - 0222399112 - 01156323753
- Hurghada Branch: Building No. 1, El-Nasr Road, next to B-Tech
- Branch number: 0653500807 - 01223799993 - 01223811113
- Gesr El Suez Branch: 3 Abu Ghazaleh Buildings - Gesr El Suez - Old recruitment
- Branch number: 01277113672 - 01003721593 - 26323097

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