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7 Amin Abou Zeid St., Saba pasha, Alexandria

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Leaders in firefighting and alarm systems. Agents of various American and European companies in the field of firefighting and alarm equipment in addition to locally manufactured equipment, thus offering customers various appropriate solutions for different firefighting and fire alarm systems. It has a distinguished business portfolio including some of the most important and vital projects in Egypt.

Business Description

- Watania Advanced Systems is a firefighting systems leader in Egypt.
- We have used our experience and strong technical support to build long lasting relationships with our clients.
- Our capabilities and resources allow us to provide our clients with the best solutions to protect their lives and properties.
- Our company provides clients with advanced engineering solutions which suit their requirements through our well-trained and experienced team. We are also keen to be in contact with our clients through our maintenance department to ensure erected systems are working efficiently and being maintained, and remain effective.
- Watania Advanced Systems is always looking for the latest firefighting system technologies, with worldwide approvals; such as UL/FM, as well as being environmentally friendly.
- For instance, our new Aerosol Extinguishing Systems fights fire using chemical reactions.

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