Al Hager R & D Co. For Scientific Consultations & Genetic Engineering

Block 101, Flat 2, 5th District - 1st Zone, 5th Compound, New cairo, Cairo

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Business Description

- Al Hager R & D For Scientific Consulting Company is honored to:
1- Providing and building genetic barometric units for all departments of technological genomics, biotechnology, geology, and biological medical sciences of all kinds.
It is also required that the minimum building unit for universities be no less than 20 samples.
2- Classification of living organisms using the latest methods through inventions registered with us based on the percentage of presence of the organism in the place where the sample is located.
Draw a geographical map for each sample.
3- Inventorying all the types of the family or the required species and collecting them in a scientific drawing indicating their presence during the four seasons of the year.
Drawing each of these samples with extreme precision
4 - Drawing a special unit for the required sample with the first genetic map in all scientific fields in the world
5- Write down everything scientifically related to the sample, including all the genetic data inventory in the world, or what comes from its development, that is, obtaining the genetic origin of the sample with special tables, for very special requests.
6-  Wikipedia scientific designer Drawing graphics the distinction between scientific method and design method.

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