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Telal General Supplies & Recruitment

6 City Stars Towers, 10th District, 6th of october, Giza

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A leading company in labor supply and provision for a number of major industrial and food companies by providing skilled and trained labor. As we represent to our customers a trustable source and the complementarity of services. We enjoy efficiency and professionalism in accommodating all customer requirements as we strive for preference and that we do everything with distinction

Business Description

- We are Telal Company for General Supplies and the supply of trained and capable manpower of managing integrated production lines and cleaning works.We work in several fields. So since the beginning of our work, we have worked on developing the company's administrative system and company structure in terms of tools, equipment, mechanisms and the administrative human system, in addition to a team of trained workers in production and hygiene steps. We try through the contracts we are currently working on to raise the level of employment and hygiene in all sites areas, as well as improving the material and living conditions of our workers, which motivates them to work well and take care of their work, in addition to the contracts that we have implemented and are currently working on, as shown in the previous agenda
- Our Values:
- Delivery of services related to public supplies in record time
- Harnessing all its technical potential in business and products quality at competitive prices in the market
- Putting safety in policies and procedures in first place
- Message:
- To provide our customers - always - all services related to general procurement and general contracting, And the provision of labor.. as quickly and with the highest efficiency, professionalism and excellence. And to always represent our customers... a trustable source and the complementarity of services
- Vision:
- Efficiency and professionalism in accommodating all customer requirements with competitive prices - inside and outside Egypt.
- Our Partners:
- RKW Group
- NASS is an affiliate company
- Industrial Development Group IDG
- Helw El Sham Food Industries Company
- Domty Company
- Fine Company
- Imam Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy School For Applied Technology

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