Dr. Osama El Tayeby Pharmacies

96 El Sayed Mohamed Karim St., Bahary, Alexandria Behind Kadoura Fish Restaurant


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A distinguished chain of pharmacies with 55 branches working at your service 24 hours a day. We provide you with all your medical needs, medical compounding, personal care products and cosmetics. We also provide you with home delivery and payment with credit cards.. Ask about the month's offers or order from the nearest branch to you.

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Rd. 27, El Nakhil Village,In Front Of KFC AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA Rd. 12, Intersection Of Rd. 14, El Nakhil Beach, 6th Of October City,Beside Fathalla Market AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA Alex Matrouh Desert Rd.,Gate 8, Beside Agamy Star Mall AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA 66 El Bitash St. AGAMI, ALEXANDRIA 86 El Fath St. BAKOOS, ALEXANDRIA 186 Ahmed Shawky St.,Beside Abou Rabie Restaurants BOLKELEY, ALEXANDRIA 141 El Guish Rd.,In Front Of Wave Cafe CLEOPATRA, ALEXANDRIA 404 Gamal Abdel Nasser St. EL ASAFRA, ALEXANDRIA Galal El Desouqy St., Intersection Of Ibn El Malaeb St. EL HADARA, ALEXANDRIA 11 Omar El Zaafan St.,In Front Of Alex Market EL IBRAHIMEYA, ALEXANDRIA 728 El Guish Rd.,Near To Cook Door EL MANDARA, ALEXANDRIA El Thaghr Towers Airport Rd. EL MANSHEYA EL GADIDA, ALEXANDRIA Amin Hasouna St., Intersection Of Mostafa Kamel St.,Inside City Light Mall, Shop 9 EL SEYOUF, ALEXANDRIA 47 Gamila Bouhraid St. EL SEYOUF SHAMAA, ALEXANDRIA 519 El Horreya Rd.,Near To El Raml Police Station FLEMING, ALEXANDRIA 637 El Horreya Rd.,Near To Ganaclis School Secondary - Boys GANAKLIS, ALEXANDRIA , Home Delivery GANAKLIS, ALEXANDRIA Km 17.5 Alex Matrouh Rd. HANNOVILLE, ALEXANDRIA 45 El Eqbal St. LORAN, ALEXANDRIA 286 Gamal Abdel Nasser St.,In Front Of Mcdonald's MIAMI, ALEXANDRIA 11 Iskandar Ibrahim St.,Beside El Maeda El Demashqeya Restaurant MIAMI, ALEXANDRIA 36 El Rassafa St. MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA 22 Zein El Abedeen St.,Beside El Emam Ali School MOHARRAM BEY, ALEXANDRIA El Forat Bldgs. Abdel Qader Ragab St.,Beside Royal Hospital MOSTAFA KAMEL, ALEXANDRIA 41 Saad Zaghloul St.,In Front Of City Plaza For Clothes RAML STATION, ALEXANDRIA El Moaskar El Roumany St.,Near To Tolip Hotel Alexandria ROUSHDY, ALEXANDRIA 364 E Terrace Semouha Bldgs. El Naql & El Handasa St.,Near To KFC SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 1 Hilton St.,Near To Green Plaza Mall SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 3 Zaky Ragab St.,In Front Of Hamza Mosque SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA 34 Bahaa El Din El Ghatwary St. SEMOUHA, ALEXANDRIA Khaled Ibn El Walid St. SIDI BESHR, ALEXANDRIA Masged Sidi Bishr St.,Beside Alexandria Electricity Distribution Co. - Miami SIDI BESHR BAHARY, ALEXANDRIA 23 El Bekbashy El Essawy St. SIDI BESHR BAHARY, ALEXANDRIA 77 Rd. 16, Off Gamal Abdel Nasser St. SIDI BESHR BAHARY, ALEXANDRIA 299 Port Said St.,Beside B.TECH For Appliances SIDI GABER, ALEXANDRIA 261 El Horreya Rd. SPORTING, ALEXANDRIA 24 El Galaa St. VICTORIA, ALEXANDRIA 3 El Eqbal St., Off Abou Qir St.,Beside Etisalat VICTORIA, ALEXANDRIA 21 Mohamed Farid St., El Qasr El Malakey Tower,In Front Of B.TECH For Appliances WINGATT, ALEXANDRIA 2, Extension Of Abdel Hamid Badawy St.,Near To Radisson Blu Hotel - Cairo Heliopolis HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO 61 Mostafa El Nahhas St. NASR CITY, CAIRO , El Gamaeya El Taawoneya Division, Bldg. 425T EL HARAM, GIZA El Lebbiny St.,Beside McDonald's EL HARAM, GIZA , Bldg. 237L,Gate 4 EL HARAM, GIZA Shebin El Koum St. DOWNTOWN, ISMAILEYA Safeya Zaghloul St.,In Front Of Misr Cinema EL ARAB, PORT SAID 84 23rd. Of July St.,In Front Of Military Museum EL ARAB, PORT SAID Tarh El Bahr St.,Beside Grand Hotel EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAID Tarh El Bahr St., El Bonouk Tower EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAID 69 El Gomhoureya St.,Beside Panorama Port Said Hotel EL SHARK DISTRICT, PORT SAID

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