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Afify For Wooden Pallets & Boxes

, 2nd Industrial Zone, New borg el arab, Alexandria
Specializing in manufacturing wooden pallets and export boxes (of various sizes and designs). We have a very distinguished business history that extends from the date of establishment in 1989 with the highest quality and efficiency.

Business Description

- Our company was established by a group of cadres specialized in the field of wood manufacturing. We are still working on development to update a rich foundation to monitor the needs of all our customers carefully and accurately on an ongoing basis. We will distinguish ourselves through our unwavering commitment and our quest to achieve the satisfaction of our valued customers.
- Afifi Wood Manufacturing Company has been working since 1989 and has continued to grow, from a simple beginning to becoming a well-established and productive industrial institution in its field. We have been working in this field with professionalism and high quality for more than 35 years.
- Afifi for wood and pallets Specialized in manufacturing all types and sizes of wood and supplying it to factories and major companies, which uses pallets or boxes to transport their product from the factory to the customer or from warehouses or export them abroad. Our
- products are characterized by durability and high quality. Afifi Wood Manufacturing Company can produce more than 90,000 pallets. We can export raw materials to any country. 
From Our Customers:
- Our company has been respected, appreciated and trusted by our customers:
- The Egyptian Company for Food Industries (Faragallah).
- The Egyptian Company for Nanotechnology.
- Pyramid Glass Company.
- EGST Agricultural Crops Company.
- Delta Tex Company for Agricultural Crops.
- Misr Mining and Its Derivatives Company.
- Alexandria Spinning and Weaving Company.

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