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Kemet, a leading company in the field of water treatment technology. Our experience has been distinguished since the company’s inception in 2010. Specialized in treating surface and groundwater, sewage and industrial wastewater, starting from establishing treatment units to operating and supplying treated and laboratory chemicals for all water analyzes. Now we have great goals and ambitions for expansion and spread to the maximum.

Business Description

- Kemet Water Treatment Technology Company started its activity in 2010. The company's success in providing its distinguished services to the public was a result of extensive research and practical experience in the field of water treatment, which enabled it to upgrade its products and services to unique levels. Its basic values remain to provide services before obtaining a return through teamwork based on scientific foundations to reach the highest efficiency to potential customers and work to achieve the goals of sustainable development to raise the value of our country and in order to achieve these goals the company offers many activities, including:
- Water treatment of all kinds, including:
1- Well water treatment by means of RO units for industrial and domestic use.
2- Surface water treatment to make it suitable for drinking and domestic use.
3- Treating industrial water to make it suitable for drainage on the sewage network or to be suitable for recycling and using it again in the industrial process
4- Supplying the necessary chemicals for all types of treatment, including lubricants such as semi-iron chloride and associated polymers, including cationic, anionic and neutral polymers from many international brands.
5- Supplying sterilization materials such as chlorine, ozone devices and MV ultraviolet rays
6- Supplying Softener units and units for removing salts from water DEMI - WATER
7- Supplying RO water desalination units and supplying all kinds of membranes and suitable spare parts
8- Supplying measuring devices for all elements in water from international brands, and supplying control devices in production processes

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