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Manufacturing cardboard corners in Egypt since 1982 with vast experience in this field. Supplying cardboard corners in various widths, lengths and thicknesses according to client needs. Our goal is to always be the most professional cardboard corner manufacturer through using the most advanced technology in cardboard manufacturing.

Business Description

- Our factory guarantees high quality products that conform to high standards and professionalism. 
- Products: 
- Supplying cardboard corners of various sizes, widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit customer needs.
- Cardboard corners of all sizes.  
- Cardboard paper in all required lengths.
- Round cardboard corners for external protection.
- Round cardboard corners for internal protection.
- Corner protectors.
- Cut corner protectors.
- Cardboard corner holders.
- Cardboard corner panels.
- Daily printed corner panels using the latest machines.
- Vision:
- Developing products to provide clients with the best. We understand that developing our products builds good client relationships.
- The factory is fully prepared to produce all cardboard corners in all sizes, widths, lengths and quantities.
- Goals:
- Providing the required materials at the highest quality available in the global market.
- Providing products and executing orders at high speed while adhering to the agreed upon deadline.
- Finding strong and effective alternatives to solve all problems facing exporters in the Egyptian and Arab markets.
- Easily provide all market requirements of fruits and vegetables at the best prices.

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