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Our passion for safety and protection is not simply a slogan. Protecting you and your property is our responsibility. We provide the best services our customers expect through applying the latest safety and protection technologies and international standards to achieve customer goals by developing future plans necessary for safety and prevention of fire hazards.

Business Description

Specialized in supplying and installing the latest global fire fighting systems to protect lives and properties ...
The company's works:
- Supply and installation of fire pumps (diesel - electric - jockey) that are UL - FM certified.
Such as: Grundfos, Aurora, Peerles, Patterson, Safeco.
- All that you need for installation of control panels, pipes, valves and connections, in accordance with fire code NFPA20
- We also supply and install non-certified fire pumps.
- Design, supply and installation of fire networks according to NFPA Fire Code, including pump rooms, fire lines, fire hydrants and automatic fire sprinkler networks.
- Supplying and installing water tanks of all kinds, concrete, steel and others.
- Supply of early fire alarm devices.
- Supply, installation and maintenance of systems for automatic alarm and automatic extinguishing with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.
- Supply, installation and maintenance of automatic alarm and automatic switching off systems (FM200).
- Supplying and installing all FOAM systems.
- Supplying and installing automatic fire extinguishing units in kitchens, connected to the chemical liquid cylinders.
- Supplying and installing all fire fighting networks which are subject to the fire code and have the accreditation of fire organizations
Such as : Pipes, elbows and flanges
- Fire extinguishers of all kinds:
- Water and foam, dry and wet chemical extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers.
- Foam tanks - water sprinklers - boxes, hoses, fire reels and hose reel.
- Mobile Foam Units.
- Pressure meters, all kinds of valves and all connections needed for fire pumps.
- Pressure gauge and velocity flow meter.
- Supply of safekeeping cabinets.

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