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Al-Andalus BIMEX is a major industrial company headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. Since its foundation 25+ years ago, it has been a powerhouse in the sectors of manufacturing valves, fire hydrants, anti-water hammer systems, compact wastewater treatment plants, bio media. metallic tanks, pressure vessels, dished heads and sand and carbon filters.

Business Description

- Al-Andalus BIMEX has an extensive line of valves suited for water, air, and wastewater. The range includes gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, air valves, control valves, dismantling joints, penstock valves, and UL and FM approved gate valves. Thus, you can expect a complete range with unique features such as triple safety stem sealing, two strong coatings, strong connection, pressure test, protected shaft ends, slim designs and long durability. We also manufacture above ground fire hydrants.
- Al-Andalus BIMEX surge protection systems are fully designed and manufactured inhouse. They range from balder type to surge tank types. The system is controlled by advanced controllers and contains digital PID controlling method, self-diagnosis, magnetic level sensing and operation and data level management.  
- Al-Andalus BIMEX designs and manufactures compact wastewater treatment plants (CWWTP) operating with moving bed biofilm reactor technology (MBBR). The MBBR compact wastewater treatment plant has three levels of processing; thus, the water is tertiary treated. MBBR CWWTP key advantages are excellent effluent results, low operating costs due to highly efficient MBBR technology, fully automatic operation with minimum maintenance, long lifetime, minimal operation requirements and strong after-sales service.
- Al-Andalus BIMEX Bio Media is a line of filter media which is suitable for broad applications of aeration and biological treatment plants. The unique engineered designs of Al-Andalus BIMEX Bio Media increase their surface area thus allowing the increase in efficiency of effluent and treatment process. The spherical and tube designs of Al-Andalus BIMEX Bio Media ease the treatment process by speeding-up the aerobic reaction. Also, the high-voidage designs prevent blocking unlike the conventional filters’ media.

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