Al Rowad For Fiberglass

El Kawady Village, Ashmoun, El monofeya Beside El Azhary Institute


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Al Rowad Fiberglass manufactures fiberglass toys and products, including guard booths, caravans, sales points, water slides, mobile toilets, lighting poles, fish tanks, swimming pools, children's toys, plant pots, flower beds, delivery boxes, bins, pedal boats, car cabins, sterilization cabins and basins, CD cupboards, fiberglass chairs, shades and water tanks.

Business Description

- Al-Rawad Fiberglass is a company that manufactures and maintains fiberglass products using the latest manufacturing technology and the best materials that are suitable for all industries and fields. The company manufactures guard booths, tanks, multi-purpose caravans, car cabins, water parks, and provides lighting poles and other special works, in addition to children's, water, plastic, inflatable games, and the production of swings, etc. It also implements all special specifications and all related products.
- It also offers its services with international specifications and competitive prices compared to foreign products. 
- Providing after-sales service, as the company has a team of specialized engineers and technicians to design and implement any drawings or special specifications for the required products according to the customers' wishes.
- The company is a pioneer in its field and is characterized by the quality of manufacturing reinforced fiberglass with fiberglass and coated with a smooth gelcoat material. It is known for its ability to withstand weather conditions in the Egyptian and Arab markets at suitable prices and high quality.

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