Al-Qadisiyah Pack For Manufacturing Of Packaging Materials

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A leading company in providing plastic packaging solutions. Founded in 1998, we can produce more than 1,000 tons per month - fast order execution - latest printing, lining, tailoring and film machines - high-quality raw materials - export to all countries of the world - manufacture all plastic products involved in the field of packaging and agricultural films.

Business Description

- A leading company in plastic packaging solutions. Founded in 1998 with more than 30 years of experience.
We have:
- 6 color printing presses.
- Tailoring machines.
- Lining machines to meet market needs.
- 3 and 5 layer film machines.
- Slater machines.
- Stretch production line to meet market needs.
- 6-color printing presses for all types of tissue bags, vegetables, rice, and dry food products.

Our advantages:
- We produce more than 1000 tons per month.
- Fast orders executing.
- Latest printing, lining, tailoring and film machines.
- Strive to meet customer orders.
- High quality materials.
- Ease of export to all countries of the world.

Our services:
Packaging field, we manufacture:
- Pallet packaging bags.
- Heat shrink wrapping.
- Pallets stretch wrapping rolls.
- Chemicals, fertilizers and paints bags and rolls.
- Zip lock bags.

Agricultural films field, we manufacture:
- Grape packaging
- Banana packaging
- Mulch films
- Greenhouse plastic film
- Soil disinfection film
- Plastic films for feed
- Company projects
- Food field.

Manufacturing food packing bags for companies such as:
Chipsy - Sham Foods - Edita - United Food Industries - Egypt Trade - Fox - Egypt Foods
Al Wafaa Food Industries - Al Mira Food Industries
- shrink roll, such as: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Elano
- plastic bags for most flour mills in Egypt
- Al-Safwa Coal, Al-Ezz Plast

Medical field
- Medicines packaging for companies such as: Adecco, Pharco, SITCO
Agriculture field
- Implementing rolls for most agricultural greenhouses in Egypt, tunnels, mulch, grape, strawberry, and banana bags.
Chemical field: 
- We manufacture bags to all putty companies in Egypt (chemicals), and for Scip, Sipes, Jotun, and Pachin company.

Fertilizer field 
-Manufacturing fertilizer bags for the Financial and Industrial.

Companies sector
- Helwan Fertilizers
The company distributes its products locally and exports to many countries such as:
((The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - the United Arab Emirates - Libya - Sudan - Kuwait - etc..)).

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