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Amana Plast was established in 1985 as a leading company in Plastic packaging industry. Company has developed over past years to provide current technological standards, and to be the best in its class in the Egyptian & international market in terms of productivity and product quality. Company currently produces 400 tons of plastic packaging materials per month to meet customer needs and to achieve the highest quality standards.

Business Description

- Amana Plast was established in 1985 as a leading company in the field of plastic packaging industry. It is worth noting that the company has gone through several stages of development during the previous years in search of the best international technological standards to become the best among its competitors in the Egyptian market, not only in terms of production volume but also In terms of product quality and safety
- Amana Plast currently produces more than 500 tons of plastic packaging materials per month, with constant care to meet customer requests with great accuracy in implementation of the agreed specifications.
- Amana Plast factories have the latest machines with specialized technology that are characterized by high operational speed, and these smart machines are operated by more than 170 highly trained workers.
- Customers are our partners in success and therefore meeting their requirements accurately is our primary mission
- In Amana Plast, we are currently striving to implement an enlarged expansion strategy in order to gain access to the African and Arab markets. At the same time we are also seeking to start exporting to the North American continent.
- Amana Plast, as a leading company in the field of plastic packaging materials, depends on three main criteria:
- The overall quality of the products
- Permanent commitment to implement customer specifications
- Satisfying customers and meeting their requirements

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