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Accountant and legal auditor for shareholding companies. Member of the Egyptian Tax Association. Member of the Legal Accountant Association. Member of the General Association of Accountants and Auditors (AFAA). Founder of the Scientific Association for Taxation and Accounting. Participating in auditing and taxation conferences. Various studies and researches in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation.

Business Description

- Amin Morsi Office for Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consultations.
- Accountants and Legal Auditors.
- Auditors of joint-stock companies.
- Fellowship of Chartered Accountants Association.
- Fellowship of the Egyptian Tax Association.
- Fellowship of the Egyptian Association for Public Finance and Taxes.
- Membership of the General Union of Arab Accountants and Auditors AFAA.
- Membership of the International Tax Association, the Netherlands.
- Accounting information system analysis and development.
- Designing accounting cost systems.
- Examining and evaluating the internal audit system.
- Reviewing financial statements.
- Tax examination.
- Preparing all types of tax returns.
- Solving tax problems.
- Legal Services & Institutional Procedures.
- HR.
- To become a leading institution in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax and consultation. 
- Providing integrated, advanced, quick and affordable accounting, auditing, tax and consultation services through a qualified team and advanced work systems, in accordance with professional and ethical standards to maximize profit and use funds efficiently. 
 Objectives :
- Providing excellent services that maximize customer returns.
- Services are based on scientific and professional methodology and continuous education to add credibility and quality.
- Continuity and sustainability in providing developed services, keeping pace with changes in the business environment, and assessing risks surrounding them. 
- Customers are the focus of our attention as we work to achieve their needs, requirements and aspirations, while aiming to maximize their profitability.
- Maintaining excellence through continuous professional and scientific rehabilitation of our team and updating work systems and procedures in all our fields.
- Working as a team, ensuring positive interaction among all employees and mutual respect among various administrative levels.
- Trust is achieved through commitment to our duties and responsibilities.

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