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Amoun for customs clearance and foreign trade is a service company that works to manage and complete the work professionally, with high quality and extreme speed, as we have 31 years of experience in customs work in all customs centers in your hands.

Business Description

- A leading company in providing logistical services and customs clearance. We also import and export for our own account and for the account of others, while maintaining confidentiality and customer goods. The work is carried out by a group of experienced and professional cadres in the implementation of customs clearance operations at competitive prices and adherence to deadlines, to always be one of the pioneers in providing customs services of all kinds with high quality and professionalism for all commercial and industrial sectors.
Amoun company is characterized by:
- Tradition, credibility and honesty with clients.
- Maintaining the confidentiality of customer data and goods for 31 years, and continuous insurance during the customs clearance process. 
- Preserving and ensuring the safety of the shipped goods and taking care of them during the trading process.
- A distinguished administrative structure that follows up the customs clearance process moment by moment and works to meet the most accurate needs of the customer.
- An integrated group of cadres with experience, proficiency, professionalism and speed in implementing the customs clearance process.
Why choose Amoun for customs clearance?
- High speed in shipments clearing
- Unbeatable prices
- We do not add any fake props, thanks to God
- A professional team capable of overcoming obstacles, managing the clearance process, moment by moment

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