Amr El Shamly For General & Factories Supplies

, El Ordoneya, 10th of ramadan, El sharkeya Inside El Gawhara Mall Office No. 446


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Business Description

- The company specializes in manufacturing corrugated cardboard of all kinds, trading all operating requirements and machine spare parts, trading paper, stretch, adhesive, plastic materials, electrical and sanitary supplies, factory and workshop supplies, making designs for companies, and trading belts and foodstuffs.
Our Mission:
Providing high-quality innovative products, services and solutions to excel in safety, reliability and electronic security for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.
You have:-
The Service:
Providing distinguished service to customers, by understanding the business, anticipating it, and adapting it very quickly to support the continuity of your business with high ethical standards in everything we do, such as: seamless steam pipes and their accessories and valves of all kinds, the second is sanitary ware, the third is iron trading, and the fourth is a factory for Kretal works (Ferforge).
Work Team:
The company has a high-performance team with extensive experience in providing the highest levels of quality.

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