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The largest company in Egypt specializing in all filters & filtration fields since 1985. It also offers a large inventory of all kinds of filtration system & clean area tools & equipment such as differential pressure gauges, dynamic pass boxes, air showers, sampling booths, weighing booths and laminar flow units used in pharmaceutical & food factories, hospitals and others application. Stock available in warehouses .

Business Description

Company areas and products:
- First: central air conditioning filters and filters for the production stages
- Central air-conditioning filters (A.H.U): -
- Used in all handling units (and central air conditioning in general, used in hospitals and drug manufacturing companies) in sterile areas (clean rooms), as well as food factories.
- Production unit filters in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Pharmaceutical Products Process Filters: -
- Filters for Antistatic Fluid Bed Dryers Elements (F.B.D)
- Dust Collectors Bag Filters.
- Cartridges Product Filters
- Stainless Steel Filter Housing 316 L
- Filters for general industrial purposes.
- Second: Laminar Flow (LAF) + Sampling Booth + weighing Booth devices. 
- Third: Supplies and accessories of sterile production areas Clean Room tools Technology..
- All kinds of suits that are sterilized multiple times in sterile production areas.
- Protective glasses that are sterilized several times in sterile production areas and laboratories.
- Fourth: Supply of Sterilization - Autoclave devices.
- Fifth: Special filters in generating stations for electricity entrances- Air Filter inlet For Gas Turbine power station.
- Sixth: Filtration filters whether required for fertilizer, cement and iron factories.

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