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Best Cleaner For General Cleaning Services

Bldg A 18 Dr. Sabongy St., Saba pasha, Alexandria



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Specializing in general and specialized cleaning services for: Tourist establishments including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and Nile cruises. Public buildings including embassies, government authorities, parks, clubs, and hospitals. Commercial establishments including malls and chain stores. Industrial facilities including factories, companies, petroleum sites, and exhibitions.

Business Description

- Cleaning your organization glass and cladding facades is one of the most important tasks the company must take care of, as the external gives your customer a good impression. Best Cleaner is one of the best cleaning companies offering the best cleaning services for glass, marble and cladding facades. 
- The company is a pioneer in this field. We did facades' cleaning work for many institutions like:
- Malls and shops.
- Hospitals and medical centers.
- Universities and schools.
- Government buildings.
- Villas, palaces and buildings.
- Commercial companies and banks
- All of these places are very vital, so cleaning and taking care of glass facades reflects positively on customers, especially hospitals. Their external and internal cleanliness gives reassurance and comfort to patients and gains their confidence, so you have to pay close attention to glass facades and internal cleanliness.
- We have the largest well-trained work team to clean all types of glass, marble, cladding facades and all spider works. We also have an integrated safety system to ensure integrated protection for workers. 
- Pest control and extermination services.
- Specialized in pest and rodent control, offering you the following services:
. Flying insect control services of all kinds.
. Rodent control services.
. Comprehensive control services for homes, gardens and open places.
- Our company is preferred by customers because we carry out the control process without creating chaos and removing furniture from homes and institutions. We provide a guarantee on the control service to obtain a distinguished service and prevent insects' emergence again.
- Specialized in controlling crawling insects and rodents. Combating various types of insects appearing in homes, hotels, gardens and facilities, which increase especially in the summer, like:
. All kinds of Ants.
. Cockroaches.
. Locusts.
. Bugs.
. Spiders.
- Hunting reptiles and rodents like:
.Restaurants' hood cleaning.

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