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Providing internal and external cleaning services, glass façades and public garden cleaning and security, covering the entire Republic. The latest methods of implementing services through modern equipment to reduce manpower.

Business Description

We are a company specializing in facilities management, public services and waste management, established since 2014 by Engineer Mohamed Omar Barakat and a specialized team with various experiences.
The harmony between manpower and mechanization while providing services at a reasonable cost and at a high speed is the most important characteristic of the company as it is made up from a group of young people full of energy and vitality, believing in the idea of quality, permanent training and development on the latest technology.
What are the places where the service is provided?
- Tourism establishments:
(Hotels - tourist villages - compounds - restaurants - Nile boats)
- Public facilities:
(Embassies - government agencies - parks and clubs - hospitals - administrative headquarters - banks)
- Commercial establishments:
(Malls - chain stores - restaurants)
- Industrial establishments:
(Factories - companies - oil sites - exhibitions of all kinds)
Business plan (dealing):
The optimal method for dealing with the establishments to which the service is provided shall be determined prior to the contract, in order to develop the appropriate work plan and the technical and financial proposal, and this is done through the following:
. Determine the type of the surfaces - the type of suitable materials - the appropriate equipment and tools
Technical program:
The technical program varies according to the nature of the facility and its activity, and there are basics upon which the technical program is based to maintain a good and specific level of sites, which are
1- Raw materials used for cleaning:
Biomasr company works to identify the global raw materials registered by the Ministry of Health, well known and international brands
2- Devices and equipment used in the field of cleaning:
* Public street sweeping machine.
* Single and double floor washing machine.
* Signal disk and tonic disk.
* Dust suction devices.
* Water suction devices.

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