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El Adalah Tower Extension Of El Nady Street, Floor 2, Tanta, El gharbeya Beside Tanta Scan


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Believing that whoever owns his food owns his decisions, it was necessary for us to develop ourselves to achieve our goals for the success of the agricultural community by providing the best agricultural production requirements, including pesticides and fertilizers from the most powerful international agencies, produced by our local factories in accordance with the specifications of the local and international market.

Business Description

Canson Company for Import and Export Of Fertilizers and Chemicals gives you more than just fertilizers.
- We work non-stop to provide quality at reasonable prices, so we are committed to this vision, setting goals for it and establishing principles and values in working on it. Our vision is to continually exceed our customers' expectations. We work hard to achieve this, by focusing all our energies on the success of your project.

- Our vision also lies in being the first reference for farm solutions to difficult environmental conditions to create a suitable production environment.

- Canson’s professionalism for import and export of fertilizers lies in providing efficient and effective products to our customers, which allows us to expand our activities and improve quality within a short period of time. Canson for import and export of fertilizers is currently moving towards producing products with more appropriate solutions for all the needs that the local and foreign consumer is looking for.

- We have a wide range of high-quality products designed to meet agricultural development needs.

- Working to manufacture local products in our factory in Badr Industrial City on the Suez Road, with international quality and with Egyptian hands, under the supervision of Egyptian experts and scientists, under strict requirements and oversight. Working to supply the Egyptian agricultural market with a group of high-quality and efficient products, in addition to the lack of harmful impact on the environment. Getting agricultural production requirements of compound and specialized fertilizers from the best international agencies in accordance with the technical and material needs of the Egyptian farmer.

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