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Villa 9 Rd. 79, 1st Zone, 2nd District, Ground Floor, Flat 2, 5th Compound, New cairo, Cairo Post Office Box: 421 Code 11835


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Specialized in providing integrated business services for corporates of all sizes inside and outside Egypt, our top notch team is highly qualified and develop their skills continuously to satisfy the various needs of our customers as our goal is to provide a highly efficient and effective quality service following both national and international standards and codes.

Business Description

Designing documentary cycle
Regular account keeping
financial statements
Registering external books
Designing integrated audit systems
Preparing internal audit plan and report
General Taxes
Issuing tax card
Preparing annual income report, earning tax report, model 41 tax and stamp tax
Preparing tax inspection file and resolving taxation conflicts
Value added tax
Issuing register certificate
Preparing monthly value added tax report, tax inspection, tax refund file and resolving taxation conflicts
Real estate Taxes
Opening files in competent tax office
Taxes report
Resolving taxation conflicts
Consultancy Legal
Incorporation and adjustments
Changing legal form
Split-ups, alliances, acquisition and Liquidation
Stock market
Stock trading among brokerages
Central securities depository services among Egypt for clearing
Registering in stock market
Registering trademarks,  patent and  intellectual property
Issuing registration card for importers, exporters and commercial agents
Economic feasibility study
Financial analysis and evaluation
Preparing list of financial system
Export development fund
Credit facility files for banks, financial leasing and factoring companies 
Market feasibility study
Managerial analysis and evaluation
Preparing regulation system
Registered translation
Issuing traveling visa, Work permits, residency and citizenship for foreigners
Social insurance and Labor bureau
Opening files in Labor and insurance offices
Registering working and penalties regulation
Resolving insurance and labor conflicts
Building, construction and contracting insurance
Issuing membership certificate and data certificate
leveraging of real estate companies
Governmental and non-governmental
Land registry office
Passport office
Civil registry
Chamber of commerce
Commercial register
entry in military security register,  governmental authorities  and private sector
Issuing Industrial, Commercial and Services licenses
Human resource
Training and meeting rooms
Quality control and assurance
Business development
Preparing profiles
Organizational restructuring 
governance rules for corporates

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