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Specializing in precast concrete & hollowcore systems. We aim at delivering high-end quality products including fences, walls, warehouses, and precast buildings. We apply the latest precast concrete & erection technologies supported by our heavy construction equipment fleet to offer quality structures with high erection speed.

Business Description

- We are a company specializing in precast concrete and hollow core systems. With a broad understanding of the local and regional market, we aim to provide high quality products including fences, columns, slabs, beams, warehouses and structural elements. We apply the latest European technology to our production systems, which enables us to provide high quality services.
- We use the latest concrete manufacturing and installation technologies as well as providing heavy equipment to carry out constructions with high quality and speed in keeping with what customers require.
- We can construct walls, foundations, hangars, columns, as well as prestressed beam systems, temporary fences, manhole chambers, and precast fences, etc....
- We have the functionality of printing, carving and 3D finishing technology.
- Isolation of all components of the fence directly exposed to the soil, thus preserving the durability of the product.
- Precast fences are environmentally friendly, safer, time saving, less maintenance and higher crack resistance.
- Among our best projects: Al-Burouj residential complex project, the high-speed rail project, the Al-Salam parking lot fence, Ismailia tunnels, and many other projects that we were honored to work on to build a better future.
- What distinguishes the fences of Cretematic from others?
1- More economical compared to the usual brick fences.
2- Saving the time and raw materials needed to build and finish the fence, compared to normal fences.
3- It has very high strength and durability, as our fences consist of a concrete wall equipped with reinforcing iron, which gives the fence durability and high endurance compared to the usual walls.
4- We, Cretematic, insist and make sure to isolate the foundations of the fence well to increase its functionality and durability.
5- Cretematic fences have a smooth and flat face, so they accept any type of finishing on them.
- Characteristics of the finishes of the Cretematic fences:
- It gives the customer multiple choices
- Including: (a distinctive design, the customer’s name, decorative sentences, or his own logo, etc..)
- It gives an impression of luster and aesthetics to the fence compared to the normal fence.
- Cretematic is keen to ensure that its products are of high quality, as we provide all the capabilities for the carving and printing process, which allows endless ideas and choices that the owner can choose from.

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