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One of the leading companies in the field of food production and the export and supply of food processing raw materials (Food Oils & Palm derivatives & Shortening).

Business Description

- Established in 2011. One of the leading companies in the field of importing and supplying food processing materials, holding an ISO 9001 certificate.
The company's business fields:
- Investment management.
- Public supplies.
- Import and export.
- Wholesale and retail trade.
- Corporate management.
- HR training.
- Import and supply of raw materials for food processing.
- The company is looking forward to obtaining the support of all parties to enhance its resources that enable it to perform its mission and achieve its goals by investing in the available natural resources that are achieved through this field.
- Economic diversification by investing in various projects.
- Providing job opportunities for citizens directly or indirectly in the food production sector.
- Providing high quality food products with specifications that meet consumer needs.
- We try to offer our customers the best options available at the lowest possible prices while providing the utmost comfort.
- Achieving the highest returns on shareholders' investment by improving and enhancing investment opportunities. 
- Cuanto Cuesta price list for January 2022.
- Cuanto Oil 650 gm 199 EGP.
- Cuanto oil 850 grams 260 pounds.
- Refined Olin, 18kg jerrycan, 450 pounds.
- Rpd olin, 18kg jerrycan, 425 pounds.
- Sunflower, 18kg jerrycan, 530 pounds.
- Refined soya, 18kg jerrycan, 470 pounds.
- Cocoa butter filling substitute 41000 per ton.
- Cocoa butter molding substitute 51000 per ton.
- Oil spread, 18kg jerrycan, 545 pounds per jerrycan.
- Ukrainian mixed butter, 25 kg carton, 1060 pounds per carton.
- Olin Oil DF,  18kg jerrycan, 510 pounds.
- Elfares Elarabi 24750, his land.
- Richie 24900 his land.
- Iffco Shortening 25000.
- A barrel of New Zealand ghee 210 kg, Fonterra, a kilo of 125 pounds, the price of a barrel is 26,250 pounds
- New Zealand sweetness, 20 kg, 2480 pounds.
- Prices include delivery inside Cairo and Qalyubia.
- The offer is valid for one week from its date.

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