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El Hay El Italy St., Hadaeq October, Ebny Betak Project, 2nd Zone, 6th of october, Giza


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Supplying and implementing suspended ceiling and gypsum wall systems. Pioneers in supplying and installing high quality marble and wood substitutes, decorative fireplaces, Malaysian cornices and LED profile works from our 6 October showroom. Special department for finishes and décor at the highest level under the supervision of an integrated engineering team. Special offers and competitive prices.

Business Description

- Decor Sense offers Knauf and G-Board suspended ceilings and gypsum partitions in white, green and red, gypsum tiles, and certified and uncertified metal sectors.
- We make use of the narrowest spaces, walls and ceilings to create wonderful decorative forms in various distinctive ideas, ensuring the customer’s complete satisfaction. Creating perfect masterpieces using the finest suspended ceiling supplies and materials at a competitive price.
- Providing the best prices, the best quality and the fastest delivery.
- We have a team of specialized engineers and the best gypsum board materials.
- Providing simple and high quality decorative products that will transform your home, institution, or company.
- Specializing in supplying and installing high quality marble substitutes from our showroom in 6 October. Specializing in supplying and installing wood substitutes that offer an aesthetic touch.
Advantages of wood and marble alternatives:
- Unaffected by water or moisture.
- Multiple shapes and colours.
- Easy and quick installation without breaking the walls.
- Shock resistant.
- Also specializing in supplying and installing decorative heaters and Malaysian cornices. Pioneers in supplying and installing LED profiles. We have a distinguished department offering décor and finishing at the highest level of experience and professionalism, under the supervision of specialized engineers and technicians.
- Always offering new and exclusive offers and unparalleled competitive prices.

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