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Explore hair removal options during your visit to us in Maadi Laser Clinic. Free advice our dermatology consultant Dr. Basma Labib. The latest painless laser hair, dark spot, freckle & stretch mark removal at the lowest costs per session. Treatment of wrinkles, acne, hair loss, chemical peels & Botox injections.

Business Description

Derma Laser Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic clinics and centers in Cairo Governorate, managed by Dr. Basma Labib, a consultant dermatologist.
The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to the highest-quality skin care as well as the latest advanced laser devices that are used to remove unwanted hair and treat various skin diseases such as vitiligo, eczema and chickenpox.
Dr. Basma Labib clinic also provides non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as filler, botox, plasma, and threads to lift skin. Dr. Basma Labib clinic also provides several treatment programs to restore skin rejuvenation, pinky lips, treating dark circle and hair loss.
Derma Laser Clinic Provides:
Treatment of skin diseases.
Non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
Skin and hair care.
Derma Laser Clinic services.
Laser hair removal.
Laser snoring treatment.
Laser varicose treatment.
Laser tattoo removal.
Laser liposuction and Smartlipo Laser Liposuction.
Psoriasis treatment.
Laser nostril narrowing.
Laser vaginal tightening.
Vitiligo treatment.
Eczema treatment.
Freckle removal.
Melasma treatment.
Skin pigmentation removal by laser.
Remove dark spots.
Tighten up loose skin.
Remove wrinkles.
Filler injection.
Botox injections.
Plasma injection.
Mesotherapy injection.
Removal of skin tag.
Face and neck lift with sutures.
Acne Treatment.
Remove the effects of scars.
Removing traces of wounds and burns.
Renewal of facial freshness.
Laser lip treatment.
Removing dark circles.
Fractional laser.
Excessive sweating treatment.
Remove cellulite and stretch marks.
Hair loss treatment.
Chemical peels.
Laser skin resurfacing.
Lighten dark places.
Gynecomastia removal in men.
Stem Cells.
Rhinoplasty without surgery. 

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