Dr. Mahmoud Al Qabbani For Legal Consultation And Advocacy

42 Mesadak St, Dokki, Giza


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Dr. Mahmoud Al Qabbani For Legal Consultations And Advocacy A legal institution specialized in all criminal, civil and commercial cases, establishing companies, real estate registration work, personal status, family issues and all legal specialties. Dokki Giza - Ibrahimeya Alexandria

Business Description

- The office provides legal services with a professional academic performance, where the doctor works as a professor of law and a lecturer in law faculties and a work team consisting of a select group of cadres who, in addition to their specialized legal qualifications, have great practical experience serving individuals, private companies and government sectors.
- Services provided by the doctor's offices for legal advice and law:
Felonies, Misdemeanors And Violations
- Pleading in criminal cases such as cases of murder, drugs, theft, rape, public funds crimes, bribery cases, and embezzlement. Misdemeanors of all kinds.
Personal Status Cases, Estates And Inheritance
- Divorce, divorce for harm, divorce for abandonment, alimony of all kinds, education expenses, child visitation, custody, imprisonment lawsuits when refusing to pay alimony, correction of the marriage and divorce document, proof of marriage, filiation and disownment.
Civil Law
- Civil disputes of all kinds.
- Pleading and defending in civil cases.
- Providing legal advice.
- Preparing and reviewing civil contracts.
- Division of estates.
- Receivership
- Arbitration in civil cases.
- Investment issues and financial speculation.
Administrative Law
-Providing legal advice in cases in which the administration is a party to the cases before the State Council judiciary.
- Appeal against administrative decisions.
- Submit grievances against decisions and violations issued by the concerned parties.
- Pleading and defending cases, claims and administrative compensation.
- Cases of expropriation.
Commercial Law
- Providing legal advice related to commercial companies of all kinds and their partners.
- Preparing, drafting and reviewing commercial agreements and contracts of all kinds.
- Establishing and registering companies of all kinds and amending their articles of incorporation
- Registering trademarks and trade names and pleading and defending disputes related to them.
- Liquidation of companies.
- Pleading and defending in commercial cases, whether before commercial courts or those that are agreed to be resolved by arbitration.
- Arbitration in commercial cases.
Labor Cases And Disputes
- Funding issues and bank disputes.
- Labor issues.

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