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A leading company in the field of air conditioning. Distinguished by our ability to supply and install the most powerful air conditioner. We work in central air conditioning contracting for companies and factories. We are always keen on after-sales service, and therefore we gain the trust of our customers. We achieve the difficult equation. High quality and right price - our service to our customers is like our name.

Business Description

- One of the best companies working in the field of metal doors in the Arab Republic of Egypt, due to its distinguished quality and exceptional prices in its products, including metal doors and fire-resistant doors. Our slogan is (quality is the secret of continuity), where the company achieves a difficult equation in the production process in terms of product quality, speed of supply and installation, and competitive prices, thanks to the ambition of its employees and their firm desire to push the production cycle and make their company ranks among the major companies in this field.
- The company specializes in installing all kinds of metal doors. It achieved in a few years a reputation enough to be a pioneer in the field of fixtures and a distributor for many major companies working in the field of metal doors in the Arab world, including (Marryat and Scott Egypt, France Metal Company and Kuhaimi Metal Industries and Empt). 
- With the increase in projects and demand for the supply of doors with their installation, the company entered into an agreement with Marryat and Scott and France Metal to distribute their products from metal, fire-resistant and sliding doors, achieving its most important goals (being present in the Egyptian market as a supplier of metal doors) in addition to installing metal doors, which is a very important step in order to achieve the biggest goal of supplying metal doors from the production of our factories. 

- This was achieved through persistence, determination, a clear understanding of the requirements of the labor market, full compliance with the terms of the contract and how to gain customer confidence. Therefore, it was necessary to change the company's brand name to "Egyptian doors".
- Administrative structure:
- Marketing and Sales Management.
- Technical Office.
- Production Management.
- Installations and implementation management.
- Account management.

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