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We are EL Badry For Industrial Services & Supplies company (Eisco) Our Mission are Supplying, installing & maintaining (Steam Boilers - Hot Water Boilers - Burners of all types (Solar - Gas - Dual) - Heat Exchangers of all types - Tanks - Piping Network Lines - Pumps - All types of valves, traps, steam reducers and related supplies).

Business Description

- El Badry For Industrial Services Company (Eisco).
- One of the most important companies working in the field of industrial services for boilers, lighters, and steam systems. It was established in 2011 and was able to gain the trust of the largest international manufacturing companies in Egypt as a result of providing all the required services and continuous technical support to its customers.
- The only official technical agent for STANDARDKESSEL in Egypt and the Middle East in installation, operation and after-sales service.
- STANDARDKESSEL is one of the oldest German companies in the world that manufactures two types of steam boilers (Fire tube - Water tube), in all sizes and capacities from (2 tons - 50 tons) and all pressures from (9 bar - 50 bar).
- Providing services related to boilers, lighters, and steam systems in industrial, tourism, and medical services fields through our team trained at the highest level of competence and experience.
- We seek to be the leading company in the field of boilers, lighters and steam systems and to represent international companies in this field in Egypt and the Middle East.
- Supplying, installing and maintaining boilers.
- Supplying, installing and maintaining lighters.
- Supplying, installing and maintaining heat exchangers.
- Supplying, installing and maintaining ovens.
- Supplying and installing spare parts needed for steam and combustion systems.
- Dealing with control and programming circuits for lighters.
- Supplying and installing thermal insulation.
- Supplying and installing water desalination devices.
- Maintenance, exhaust adjustment and boiler efficiency improvement.
- Periodic preventive maintenance in all governorates of the Republic.
- Emergency maintenance within 24 hours of reporting the malfunction.
- Measure and adjust exhaust ratios such as (O2, Co2, Co, ...).
- Increase and improve boiler efficiency by adjusting combustion rates.
- Tests (ultrasonic - hydrostatic - welding) with certificates accredited by Cairo University.
- Increasing the efficiency of steam boilers.
- Chemical washing of steam boilers.

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