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Plot 186, 187, CPC Industrial Complex, Northern Extensions, 6th of october, Giza In Front Of Ceramica Art Factory


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El Ahram For Paper and Carton Manufacturing is one of the best carton factories in Egypt. It manufactures, supplies and prints all types of carton boxes (offset - flexo - corrugated), all types of duplex boxes (pizza boxes - sweets boxes...) and a wide range of products such as paperboard - corrugated cardboard - packaging paper and carton boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Business Description

- El Ahram Paper and Carton Manufacturing Company is a leading company in manufacturing and supplying paper and carton. The factory is distinguished by its extensive experience in this field, and by providing high-quality products with superior specifications.
- El Ahram Factory was established several years ago and has succeeded in building a strong reputation and long-term relationship with customers. The factory relies on modern technology and advanced equipment to ensure the manufacture of high-quality products and delivery on time.
- Producing and manufacturing paper and carton in various sizes and weights.
- Providing different packaging options, including custom carton boxes for each product.
- Providing printing services on paper and carton with the highest quality and accuracy, including printing in colors and custom designs.
- Providing services for cutting and forming paper and carton in different shapes and sizes.
- El Ahram For Paper and Carton Factory is an excellent choice for companies and individuals who need high-quality and reliable paper and cardboard products and services.
- The Factory offers a wide range of high-quality products to meet customer needs. The factory is distinguished by the diversity of its products and its flexibility in meeting market requirements. Regardless of the size of the order or the specifications required, the factory can meet customer requests quickly and efficiently.
- It offers a variety of types of paper and carton, including cardboard, paperboard, thermal paper, heavy-weight paperboard, raw paper, and others. Materials are carefully selected to ensure high quality and excellent performance.
- El Ahram Factory guarantees the high quality of its products and considers quality a major goal in its services. The factory uses high-quality materials and modern technologies in manufacturing packaging and printing products. Thanks to dedication and professionalism in work, customer needs are met, and the highest levels of satisfaction are achieved.
- The quality of products and commitment to the environment are evident in all services and operations of El Ahram Factory, which is an ideal choice for customers who are looking for high-quality products and are interested in preserving the environment.

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