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El Amid Medical Laboratory - Dr. Mona Youssef

22 Syria St.,, Flat 408, Floor 4, Roushdy, Alexandria Above Osama El Tayeby Pharmacy



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Our priority is the patient’s health by providing accurate, fast and high-quality laboratory services and taking care of the child, where we have all the analysis, whether a comprehensive examination or genetic analysis. We have vein detector and jaundice devices. We aim to help research, masters and doctoral students to complete their studies at the lowest cost and excellent quality.

Business Description

Dr. Mona, El Amid Lab: Dr. Mona Youssef
Medical analysis specialist.
Biochemistry bachelor's degree.
She holds a master's degree in neurosciences and biotechnology from Alexandria University.
She holds a diploma in biochemistry from Alexandria University.
Has quality standards certificates.
Has also worked in the Institute of Depth Medicine for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
To serve parents and children.. She dealt with cases of autism, epilepsy and their families... as well as cases of diabetic foot and gangrene through ozone treatment
El Amid lab aims to serve all members of society and research students.
To raise the level of health and education by providing high quality and integrated staff with competitive prices and high accuracy

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