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We manufacture a complete press filter, Ama filter for refining and bleaching edible oil, stainless-steel Blancat, and housings for filling oils, press cloth for filters, felt filters, and chassis for iron, cement, feed, petroleum refining filters, land and bag central air conditioning filters, supplying stainless steel mesh according to the mission number, and all stainless-steel strainers and powder filters. There are also propylene pallets.

Business Description

- Manufacturing and supplying filters for food manufacturing companies, plastic companies, pharmaceutical companies, oil and soap factories, chemical factories, cheese and dairy factories, oil refining lines, hydraulic presses, swimming pool grills, compressors, supplying central air conditioning filters, and supplying stainless-steel wire.

- El Handaseya Company’s filters are known for their quality. The company has a history of working with many large companies and factories in Egypt. We have all types of industrial filters, stainless wire, copper and stainless-steel screens, Pump bottoms, chassis, Felt Trouser filters, central air conditioning filters, and Geotextile soil insulation and many filters.

- We provide stainless-steel work for feed factories with the highest quality materials and the lowest cost. We have  Blancat for refining oils used in Ama filters, and rehabilitation of previously used Blancat is available at the lowest cost.

-  Trouser filters are available in all types of felt, Nomex, and silk, and the ring comes with plastic or stainless steel.

- Manufacturing stainless-steel housing for filtering all liquids for oil, dairy, fertilizer and honey factories.
- Manufacturing propylene pallets.

- El Handaseya Company is the first company in Egypt to manufacture press filters using Italian materials.

- Filter Press uses industrial filters in the separation process, especially the process of separating solids from liquids. This process is based on the principle of a pressure motor. On the other hand, filter presses are used in marble factories in order to separate water from clay and reuse the water again in the marble cutting process.

- The filter is designed with the latest pressure filtration technologies and tested several times for a guaranteed product.

- The press filter works to separate solids and liquids and is the ideal solution for removing clay from products and gives you the highest possible degree of purity with effective filtration.

- We manufacture press filters specifically for different factories:
- Ceramic factories.
- Porcelain factories.
- Marble factories.
- Oil factories.
- Chemical factories.
- Fertilizer factories.
- Sewage.

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