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73 Rd. 9, Floor 3, Maadi, Cairo Above Pizza Hut



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Who is Dr. Muhammad Hussain? He is a Consultant Ophthalmologist .Member of the Royal College of Surgeons-Edinburgh-UK .Fellowship of the British International Council of Ophthalmology. Laser vision defects repair consultant .El Nahar Eye Clinic was opened to serve all eye patients and LASIK operations

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- What is LASIK surgery?
- LASIK is a surgical procedure that aims to modify the shape of the cornea of the eye by removing a very thin layer of the cornea while leaving a portion attached to it. The ophthalmologist removes a part of the inner cornea tissue, the superficial layer of the cornea is returned again, which is fused without any surgical intervention. The patient is not completely or partially anesthetized during the operation, only anesthetic drops are used inside the eye.
- Are there different types of LASIK surgery?
- LASIK procedures are not limited to one type. According to the condition of each patient and the visual defects that he suffers, the appropriate type of LASIK  surgery is determined for him.
- Cataract is an opacity that affects the natural lens of the eye, and as a result there is a decrease in visual acuity and a lack of clarity in vision according to the extent of this opacity, and it may reach if it increases to the inability to distinguish things at all, yet in most cases the vision is fully recovered after the operation of removing the cataract and implanting a transparent lens in its place, especially if there is no other disease in the eye that obstructs vision.

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