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Since 2011, we have been striving to provide the best to our customers, bringing to them our experience in providing high-quality products in the name of AlRaya. Given that responsibility, we have changed Saegh with the concept and technology of different benefits, which is a new concept of natural foodstuffs with the benefits of omegas and vitamins for a smarter and healthier generation.

Business Description

- We believe that attention to the quality of our products, human resources, and our strategic relationship with our suppliers are the true fuel for the company’s journey of successes and achievements, and therefore we spare no effort or money to preserve the health of our customers, the safety of our work team, and our relationships with our suppliers.
- For our products to become an essential nutritional ingredient in most foods, characterized by added value.
- We keep our customers' expectations in mind, not only to achieve them, but to exceed them in terms of taste, quality, benefit and mastery.
- We offer a wide variety of high-quality health products to satisfy our customers in the local and international markets. In our production processes we take into account the quality and safety of our food products, keeping pace with methods of progress and development and preserving their natural properties.
- Egyptian and imported natural bee honey, different flowers, and all different bee products
- Molasses made from sugar cane.
- High quality Egyptian olive oil, first cold pressed
- Whole grain oats, quick to prepare
- Harissa chili pepper and red pepper
- Pomegranate molasses.
- Grape leaves.
- Minced garlic.
- Sauces (light and dark soy sauce - ketchup - BBQ - red chili - Mexican - hot chili).
- Sauces (tomato - pasta - pizza).
- Pickles of all kinds and olive salads (classic - olives with beets - olives with pomegranates).
- Natural vinegar and apple cider vinegar.
- Spices and vinegar of various kinds.
- We have a department which provides packing services to others.
- Our factories are subject to direct health supervision from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
- Commitment and continued implementation and development of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2015.

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